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Ideaz LLC (Toast Products and Stanmar Laboratories)

Ideaz, LLC, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA is in the “solution chemistry” business. The firm uses chemistry to develop unique solutions that solve problems, the company’s mission is to create products that protect, soothe and heal.

The firm’s Toast branded topical pain relief product line was developed in conjunction with NHL hockey players and other professional athletes to address their need to relieve muscle, joint and arthritis pain.

Today, Toast topical analgesic products are used by athletes of all levels and ages to address a number of needs ranging from warming up muscles prior to workouts, treating arthritis pain without taking pain medication to cooling sore muscles after workouts.

Stanmar Laboratories, Dr. Greenfield’s branded products were developed collaboratively by a pharmaceutical chemist and a physician to address unique skin care needs. HandShield is therapy for sore, dry, chapped skin suitable for use on the entire body. Of special interest to athletes are FootShield and ChafeShield products. FootShield footcream softens and revitalizes dry, cracked feet, while maintaining a healthy skin environment. ChafeShield is an anti-friction product that relieves the irritation from rubbing and other repetitive motion, the non-greasy formula is easy to apply and durable during the most intense workouts. Formulated specifically for diabetics, the firm offers Dr. Greenfield's Diabetic Footcream and Diabetic Hand & Body Cream.

Toast and Stanmar products are not tested on animals.

Toast and Stanmar products are proudly made in the USA.

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